Saturday, February 28, 2009

D. Wade, the "Speedy" of Basketball?

Taking a cue from overly oppressive office dress codes everywhere, the NBA has decided that, it too, should further delve into the business of stifling employee expression and creativity. We office drones thought we were the ones subject to draconian laws regulating our belts, bracelets, and bows; but alas, professional basketball players join us as victims of such senseless suppression.

The NBA, in its infinite wisdom, has banned D. Wade's band-aid. Yes, you read that correctly, his band-aid. Apparently, D. Wade, in the view of the NBA, committed an offense more commonly seen on novice fashionistas: he over-accessorized. Who knew the NBA was the fashion police? I've never seen David Stern in Vogue.

Yet, according to the NBA, not only did Mr. Wade commit the favored faux pas of the beads and bangles set, but he is also accused of committing the sin of logo bags everywhere: he "self-promoted." Apparently D.Wade has more in common with the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag than he ever imagined. Yet, if he's smart he hopes to have just one-half of the Speedy bag's relevance on the fiftieth anniversary of his debut. For that matter, likely too does David Stern. ;-)

NBA bans Wade’s Band-Aid
Feb 28, 3:44 am EST

ATLANTA (TICKER) —No more Band-Wade.
Prior to the
Miami Heat’s 91-83 loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night, the NBA banned Heat superstar Dwyane Wade from donning the Band-Aid on his left cheek that quickly had become a fashion statement.

Wade, the league’s leading scorer, originally wore the Band-Aid to seal a cut beneath his left eye. In the following days, including during NBA All-Star Weekend, Wade slapped his name, nickname “Flash” and even the American flag on the Band-Aid, though the wound had healed.
The NBA, doing its best impression of the NFL, wanted to stop the self-promotion.

“We spoke to (the Heat),” NBA spokesman Tim Frank said, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “A player can wear a Band-Aid for healthcare purposes, but it shouldn’t have any name or identifications on it.”
The league aims for conformity at the arena, where players are forced to abide by a strict dress code before and after the game. Citing Frank, the newspaper said that Wade and the Heat weren’t in danger of any penalty but needed a quick reminder.
“We offered clarity to them,” Frank told the Sun-Sentinel. “You can’t wear an identifiable Band-Aid. We don’t expect it to be an issue, so there will be no need for a penalty.”
Two years ago, the NBA banned full-length tights under uniforms, which players had used as a fashion statement rather than for their intended medical use. The same now can be said for Wade’s rather unique facial accessory.

This just goes to show you: fashion is a metaphor for life.

The Look for Less

I don't know many people that haven't been affected by the recession. Our nation is facing tough times and belts are being collectively tightened. I've had to cut back on shopping and I'm trying to maintain the level of style I like, while maintaining the bank balance that I like. So, I've had to be creative and try to create high-end looks for less.

I've been coveting this DVF sweater which retails $595.00 -- clearly out of the budget of a Recessionista (per Head to Toe With Heidi this is the name for a fashionista on a budget).

But then, the fabulous Gigi of Gigi's Gone Shopping hipped me to Old Navy's Button Front Sweater Coat and I had the answer to my prayers. The Old Navy sweater was only $39.50, less than one-tenth of the DVF version, and I had money left over for shoes! Thanks Gigi!

Please excuse my half-in, half-out left foot in the photo above, I am recovering from foot surgery and I can't wear heels yet.

Now, if only there were an Old Navy version of the Puff-Sleeve Silk Wrap Dress.....Le sigh.

Gigi's also has some other great look for less finds: check her out!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Capitol Hill Style Expose on ChickDowntown

Unfortunately, my first fashion related post has to be a negative one. Savvy shoppers beware, some have had extremely negative experiences with discount website ChickDowntown. See Capitol Hill Style's expose. Its a crazy world out there - fashionistas beware!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!!!

Its Fat Tuesday!!!!

And yet, I've not decided what I am giving up for Lent. I suppose I better figure it out quickly since it starts tomorrow. I've considered several options: giving up elevators as I did last year (I work on the twelfth floor), giving up shopping as I did a few years back (the recession may have taken care of that for me this year), giving up wine or caffeine (this would cause me to lose my job which would cause the previous shopping fast as well), but nothing is standing out. I considered the Daniel Fast and the Carbon Fast, but I'm just not sold. I want to do something that will (a) affect my life/be difficult, (b) cause me to focus on God during the times I am feeling deprived and (c) be of consequence to the world.

I have the night to think about it. I am leaning towards combining the Carbon Fast with giving up elevators since they mesh well. I'll sleep on it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Few things are more important and more rare these days than taste. Yes, simple taste. It's really quite a shame how many people lack taste. An example of poor taste would be saying that someone is going to die....and using such a statement for political gain. I often wonder if people really think about the things they say and the import of their words. If they do, how could someone say something like this? There is truly no accounting for taste, particularly when it's poor.

I understand the politics is a dirty game. I even understand that the things politicians say when they are being "politicians" greatly differ from what they would say in their personal lives. Yet, I cannot fathom how one convinces him or herself that its okay to speak death upon another person.

Now maybe its because of my Southern sensibilities, or maybe it's because although I love politics, I'm no politician; but I see no excuse or explanation for Sen. Bunning's statements. I only pray that Justice Ginsberg outlasts Sen. Bunning's predictions -- and not just because I admire her more than she could ever understand and I appreciate her place on the bench. Rather, I pray she outlasts Sen. Bunning's harsh forecast because, heaven forbid she not, I imagine he'll have a much weightier worriment on his conscience than exhibiting poor taste.


I'm a Texas girl who has been living in the DC area for the last five years. I came here for law school and stayed for life school. I like the DC area well enough, except for the cold. I don't do cold (New Englanders save your "I'll show you cold" comments -- not interested). I like to shop, read, and compete (it doesn't really matter in or at what). I LOVE politics. My blog will touch on all of these things, all with Southern sensibilities, Blue Dog ideals and urban flair. Enjoy!