Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Capitol Hill Style Expose on ChickDowntown

Unfortunately, my first fashion related post has to be a negative one. Savvy shoppers beware, some have had extremely negative experiences with discount website ChickDowntown. See Capitol Hill Style's expose. Its a crazy world out there - fashionistas beware!

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  1. Wow, I had no idea. That just makes me sick. Great info to share.

    I wanted to comment on your "The Look for Less" post but when I tried to click the comments link or the sidebar blog archive link, it only brought up a blank page. Weird.

    Anyway... wanted to (1) say thanks for the link, and (2) tell you how jealous I am of your ON striped cardi - I really wanted to try it on before my Lenten shopping ban, but my ON did no have it (or they were hiding it). It looks great on you - congrats on the find!! As an fyi for me, at which ON did you get it? I was at the one at Montgomery Mall. Thanks!!