Sunday, February 22, 2009


Few things are more important and more rare these days than taste. Yes, simple taste. It's really quite a shame how many people lack taste. An example of poor taste would be saying that someone is going to die....and using such a statement for political gain. I often wonder if people really think about the things they say and the import of their words. If they do, how could someone say something like this? There is truly no accounting for taste, particularly when it's poor.

I understand the politics is a dirty game. I even understand that the things politicians say when they are being "politicians" greatly differ from what they would say in their personal lives. Yet, I cannot fathom how one convinces him or herself that its okay to speak death upon another person.

Now maybe its because of my Southern sensibilities, or maybe it's because although I love politics, I'm no politician; but I see no excuse or explanation for Sen. Bunning's statements. I only pray that Justice Ginsberg outlasts Sen. Bunning's predictions -- and not just because I admire her more than she could ever understand and I appreciate her place on the bench. Rather, I pray she outlasts Sen. Bunning's harsh forecast because, heaven forbid she not, I imagine he'll have a much weightier worriment on his conscience than exhibiting poor taste.

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